We Offer Cerec Technology in Orange City, FL

Computerized precision is available with the new technologically advanced CEREC® camera. With this new technology, CEREC® allows us to use its built-in camera to take an image of the prepared tooth. Using this image, CEREC's computer assisted design (CAD) function takes over and designs a precise restoration. It creates the finished restoration from a block of porcelain that reflects light just like real teeth. The finished restoration is bonded into position, quickly and easily. No messy impressions, lab work or second visit – it's really just that simple! This is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in modern dentistry.
  • A single-appointment restoration — only one visit needed
  • An efficient appointment — less time spent in the dental chair
  • A natural-looking filling — no more silver metal-mouth
  • A healthier, metal-free filling
  • No messy impressions or ill-fitting temporaries
  • A restoration that matches the natural color of your teeth
  • A restoration that is anti-abrasive, bio-compatible and resistant to plaque
  • A durable restoration — CEREC® fillings don't break or leak like traditional fillings
  • Proven technology — ten years of clinical research and over four million restorations performed worldwide
Partial and Full Crowns are caps to protect worn or damaged teeth
Veneers are thin porcelain "shells" that fit over teeth to correct gaps, chips, stains and other imperfections
CEREC® fillings are an enormous advance over traditional silver (mercury amalgam) fillings. CEREC® fillings are metal-free, plaque resistant, color matched and bio-compatible. As well, they are so precisely made we can preserve more of your natural tooth tissue when preparing the tooth for restoration.