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Botox is a manufactured medication that is injected into muscles to prevent their contractions. Without contraction, there can be no movement of the overlying skin and no wrinkles can be formed. Botox is widely used to treat the frown lines between the eyebrows, the horizontal forehead lines, the wrinkles at the outer corners of the eyes (crow's feet), and the vertical wrinkles radiating from the lips. Any licensed physician or dentist can legally prescribe a FDA approved medication for "off-label" use in any way that is considered standard of care and of benefit to the patient.  Results typically last 3-6 months, while retreatments can last considerably longer.   

Frown Lines 

The first photo shows frown lines before treatment with Botox.  The second photo, taken two weeks after treatment, shows that the frown lines are gone.  The patient cannot recreate the lines, no matter how hard she tries.  These results are typical when this area of the face is treated.

image-173652-Botox 1.jpg?1423577058329
image-173656-Botox 2.jpg?1423577110089

Forehead Wrinkles 

First photo shows horizontal forehead wrinkles before treatment with Botox. Second photo shows results two weeks after treatment. Patient can no longer recreate the wrinkles, even if she tries.

image-173652-Botox 1.jpg?1423577058329
image-173656-Botox 2.jpg?1423577110089

"Crow's Feet" 

First photo shows horizontal wrinkles near the outside corner of the eye (crow's feet) before treatment with Botox. Second photo shows results two weeks after treatment. There is a significant decrease in the amount of wrinkles when the patient smiles. If the patient desires, an additional enhancement treatment can be done at this time.

image-173652-Botox 1.jpg?1423577058329
image-173656-Botox 2.jpg?1423577110089

Case #1 

The patient said she felt "frustrated and unhappy" with the two metal crowns on her front teeth.  The crowns had been present for about 25 years.  The metal crowns were removed and replaced with new CEREC porcelain crowns the same day.  The patient says she now feels "so happy when I look at my teeth.  I look younger and my teeth look all white, like they should be."

Case #2 

The patient presented with a front crown made in 1997 that she said had always been darker than her other teeth.  She said she really wanted to replace the crown with one that would blend in.  After having her teeth whitened using the ZOOM! Professional Whitening System, her dark crown was replaced in one visit with a CEREC all-porcelain crown.

Case #3 

This 50-year-old female patient had been wearing a complete upper denture since 1986.  She did not have any lower posterior teeth and her lower front teeth were very broken down.  The upper complete denture was remade and a new lower complete immediate denture was delivered the same day the remaining lower teeth were extracted.  The patient was very happy with the results.

Case #4 

This middle age female had a problem with excessive wear on the back of her upper front teeth, causing the edges to fracture. Several posterior teeth were missing and her front teeth were in heavy contact when she bit down. This condition did not allow enough space to restore the upper front teeth properly. To provide enough room, her bite was opened with composite resin as a temporary measure, and lost tooth structure was restored as well. After assuring that she feels comfortable in her new biting position, CEREC crowns will be constructed and posterior teeth will be replaced. She has received many positive comments from friends and family, and she can't wait to see how the new crowns will look. Her son said she looked so different and prettier and her husband can't stop staring at her!!!

Case #5 

This 45-year-old female patient was missing her upper right lateral incisor, which had been replaced by a canine tooth that had drifted forward into the vacated space.  Her right central incisor had an old unattractive crown and had extensive supporting bone loss.  Her left lateral incisor had a badly stained resin restoration.  Her treatment consisted of extracting the right central incisor, placing a three unit all porcelain fixed bridge, and replacing the stained restoration in the left lateral incisor with a new resin restoration.  She was very happy with the results.

Case #6 

This 59-year-old female patient, who was very apprehensive about dental treatment, presented with a 20-year-old upper partial denture and several broken teeth.  She was embarrassed to smile and wanted to improve her appearance.  During treatment, her broken teeth were extracted and new dentures were made.  She said that she felt very comfortable coming to our office and that her "face had been restored."  She feels like she can now smile again.

Case #7 

This 48-year-old patient had extensive damage to her dentition after prolonged orthodontic treatment during her teenage and adult years.  The restorations in her upper anterior teeth were failing and could not be repaired, so crowns were made to protect these teeth and restore function.  The patient was very happy with her experience in our office and with the results.  She says that she cannot wait to have her missing posterior teeth replaced so that they will match her beautiful new front teeth.

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